Brody King Calls Edge's New WWE Faction A ‘Wish’ House Of Black

House of Black’s Brody King took a lighthearted shot at Edge’s new Faction on social media

It’s official, Edge and Damian Priest are running mates in WWE after Priest helped the ‘Rated R Superstar’ achieve victory over AJ Styles at WrestleMania 38, with the pair cutting a promo together on the Raw after WrestleMania.

The pair both have dark personas, with their image so far consisting of black suits and shirts, but they are yet to find a name, leading to the WWE on FOX Twitter account to ask users to suggest names for the duo.

Out of all the names suggested, the one that made the most noise was a suggestion from AEW’s Brody King, with the House of Black powerhouse calling the pairing “When you order House of Black on wish.com”.

The dig was lighthearted at best, and as wrestling fans are always level headed and don’t read too much into things they all laughed along with King… apart from the camp who mercilessly attacked and trolled King and AEW, and the camp who mercilessly attacked and trolled WWE.

In the end, neither faction is a wholly original idea, as brooding dark stables have been present in wrestling for decades, with Kevin Sullivan’s Army of Darkness in the 1980s Florida territory arguably being the first high profile ‘dark’ gathering in wrestling. Since then we’ve seen the likes of The Ministry of Darkness, Dungeon of Doom, The Brood, The House of Black, and countless others.

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