Bryan Danielson Shares Real Reason WWE Made Him Retire In 2016

Bryan retired in February 2016

Bryan Danielson has revealed that WWE didn't actually force him to retire because of concussion issues, but because he had been dishonest about his previous concussions.

Known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, Danielson retired from in-ring competition in 2016 following a lengthy absence. The former WWE Champion would eventually be cleared to return two years later, and has since signed with All Elite Wrestling.

While many assumed Danielson's retirement was down to concussion issues, the 40-year-old has admitted it was actually because WWE found out he has lied about his medical history and couldn't take him at his word.

Speaking to Wdel.com, Danielson said: “I legitimately thought I was healthy and still think that I’m healthy. One of the reasons I was forced to retire was not because of the concussions, but because I lied about that.

"You have to understand, from WWE’s point of view, I had been wrestling for them for six years but then all of a sudden, they opened this Pandora’s box about ‘lying about his medical history and now we can’t trust him.’ A lot of that was building the trust back, but they were also legitimately looking after my health.

"I was going to see doctor after doctor and doing everything that I could to improve brain function to show, above and beyond, that my brain was healthy.

“It’s also my love of wrestling. It felt like I wasn’t really to be done yet, I still needed to come back. I also think there’s a lot left on concussion research to be done, and when you’re seeing the top doctors in the country and they’re all clearing you to do what you love to do, I think you should be able to do that."

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