Cary Silkin On What ROH Could Have Done Better Under Sinclair Ownership

Silkin weighs in

Following 11 years of ownership, Sinclair Broadcast Group sold Ring Of Honor to Tony Khan last week. Little has been revealed about the AEW President's plans for the promotion beyond that he will be the booker. 

Former ROH Owner Cary Silkin gave his thoughts on the takeover during an appearance on Busted Open Radio and he admitted the promotion was in a "much better position" now than last week. 

"I don't know if this is going to make sense, but it was the combination of a gut punch and great joy at the same time. I knew, after processing it, and the gut-punch was going away, no disrespect to Joe Koff, but we're in a much better position than we were a week ago," Silkin said. 

The former ROH owner then detailed what Sinclair could have done better with the promotion, adding: "A lot. Tony Khan is a pro wrestling guy. Joe Koff -- [Bully and Dave LaGreca] have both worked, whether it Sirius or WWE, these are big corporations. The pressure that comes above you is tough. Joe could only do what he could do. There needed to be a bigger budget, they needed to get the production correct on every show, not give production half a bl*w job. They needed more help in the back. 

"Delirious set the record for longest booker. We know how that goes. He needed more help. There were different eras in the later stages. I liked when Bully was there. He's going to think I'm blowing smoke, but I liked when he was there for his knowledge and the other guys chipping in. As we all know in pro wrestling, it can't be a dictatorship or one-man thing or you get burned out."

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