Charlotte Flair: It Crushed Me To Miss WWE WrestleMania 37

Flair was cut from Mania after testing positive for COVID-19

No matter how many times you appear, there’s no bigger highlight for any WWE Superstar than performing at WrestleMania. And even for a talent as established as Charlotte Flair, missing this year’s edition was ‘crushing’.

Flair was originally scheduled to wrestle at the event, but was removed after contracting COVID-19, and in conversation on the Cut To It podcast, revealed that it was a massive personal disappointment:

"Your fellow co-workers feel bad, but at the same time, it's a spot that's open,” said Charlotte “It’s an opportunity. I missed WrestleMania this year due to COVID, I got it in March, and they were nervous that I wouldn't be okay for WrestleMania in Tampa, so they immediately took me out and replaced me with another girl. It crushed me. I work every year for WrestleMania. It is our Super Bowl and the show I've always shined the most on. When they replaced me, you know [another performer] is thinking, 'I'm sorry and sad Charlotte has COVID...but now I'm going to WrestleMania.' It all comes full circle. If something doesn't happen, it's a break for the opponent that gets to come in. It all works out.”

Flair wrestled her first WrestleMania bout at WrestleMania 32, and wrestled at every subsequent Mania until Mania 37.

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