Chelsea Green & Mickie James Taped WWE Raw Match That Never Aired

Another scrapped Chelsea Green storyline

Since her WWE release, Chelsea Green has revealed multiple scrapped storylines, including her being presented as Charlotte Flair's protégé and a faction with Vanessa Borne and Santana Garrett

Reports back in December noted WWE planned to have Green return to the main roster in a storyline with Mickie James which would have emulated Mickie's "obsessed fan" angle with Trish Stratus from 2005 and 2006. That plan was also scrapped, though.

Green confirmed to Fightful that the angle was on the cards after the Charlotte Flair protégé storyline didn't get off the ground, and she and Mickie even had a match on Raw that never made it on the air. 

"I was on my way to Epcot one day and I got a call saying, 'We're going to go ahead with this storyline of you basically being the Mickie James to Mickie James, and Mickie will be the Trish.' I was so in love with that. She's always been such a great mentor to me and to the locker room," Green said. 

"So, to then be under a legend was gonna be insane and this is, of course, where I shine. Being crazy and acting and these kinds of storylines. This was the perfect storyline to show the hot mess and to show WWE a new side of the hot mess. It doesn't have to be cheesy and over the top. It can be creepy and it can be relatable and it can be your crazy ex-girlfriend or your crazy best friend. I think both Mickie and I were going a million miles a minute. We kept calling each other, spitballing ideas off each other. So, that next day was when we were going to film it. We did film a match. It was live to TV, so we tape it in the day and then they edit it and it goes straight onto TV that night. It did not air."

Green noted she wasn't sure why the match didn't make it to TV, but she heard Vince McMahon hadn't approved it. 

"That's the problem is that in wrestling, you hear so many things and you don't know what's true. So, I did hear that it didn't get approved by Vince before we went out there. But, who knows? Maybe Vince hated it. Maybe it was never approved of to begin with. Who actually knows? Because I was never given the full 'how was it going to turn out' or 'how was the next week even going to look like.' I just went out there totally blind knowing that I needed to show the hot mess," Green added. 

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