Exclusive: Chelsea Green Reveals Gimmicks She Pitched To WWE's Vince McMahon

Seth Rollins' sexy nun and more

After being called up to the main roster in May 2020, Chelsea Green had to wait until November to return to WWE TV. The company had several plans for The Hot Mess during her six months off TV, but they were all scrapped, and she only ended up being put on SmackDown following a meeting with Vince McMahon where she pitched around 15 ideas to the boss. 

Green revealed some of the gimmicks she pitched to McMahon during her appearance on Straight To Hell. One of the plans would have seen her return as Dominik Mysterio's girlfriend while she would have become the third member of The IIconics if WWE greenlighted another. 

"Oh my gosh, I had so many. I had a Daisy Duke character, I had a sexy nun character for The Messiah [Seth Rollins]. Like what would be The Messiah's follower or worshipper. I pitched to be Dominik's girlfriend. I pitched so many. One of my favourites that I pitched was being a TRIIconic. So like trying to get in and be with them and do a fake Aussie accent and try and split them up, but have them realise that I'm really the crazy one," Green said.

The Hot Mess then noted she spoke to some talent about her ideas before revealing she also pitched to align herself with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, and The Miz and John Morrison. 

"When it's a girl, I do try to ask because I feel like it's a respect thing. However, I'm too afraid to ask Seth Rollins and I don't know Dominik so I just pitched that. And honestly, by the sixth pitch, I didn't care. I was literally pitching whatever. I think at one point I pitched to be with [Dolph] Ziggler and [Robert] Roode. I asked them. I pitched to be with [John] Morrison and Miz. I didn't ask them but they're Matt's friends. It was kind of just like, 'You know what? I have an idea, I'm typing it, I'm sending it and that's that,'" Green added.

Check out the full episode of Straight To Hell below:

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