Chelsea Green Reveals Talks With Playboy

For digital content

Chelsea Green has revealed she is close to signing a deal with Playboy. 

Green has previously spoken of her desire to work with Playboy on content and the former WWE superstar has now revealed there have been talks with the company for digital content, but not a photoshoot.

Speaking on the most recent episode of her Green With Envy Podcast, she said: "If I'm being honest, I have some really exciting news though. I can't fully share what it is. But I can say that I am in talks with Playboy again for some fun stuff.

"So we've kind of progressed our conversations to a little more serious stuff. Now, it's not a photoshoot. So don't get too excited. But it is some digital stuff. It's really fun. I'm so excited for it. I should be able to tell you guys all soon once I sign this contract for it. But for now, I've been sworn to secrecy and you guys know it's not my strong suit.

"I'm also in talks with a company to kind of grow this podcast. Obviously, you guys have been along for the ride with me in terms of me trying to figure out what I'm doing with this podcast. You guys have stood behind me when I tried to get Barstool beside me, which I love you for. But I think now we've moved on, I can't wait forever, I would be waiting until I'm 85. I'd be 85 and still podcasting about my embarrassing moments when barstool finally wants me to sign on.

"So I started chatting with different companies to see if there were any proper fits for me. I think I may have found something, I haven't fully decided yet, but I'm feeling positive about it. So let's just manifest all of the good things to come in 2022. In fact, we can just start manifesting now. Maybe it'll all come true before the new year."

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