Chris Jericho: 2.0 Have Signed With AEW

2.0 are All Elite

2.0 have signed with All Elite Wrestling, according to Chris Jericho. 

Matt Lee and Jeff Parker were the most recent guests on Talk Is Jericho and The Painmaker revealed during the introduction that the tag team had signed with AEW. Jericho noted they didn't talk about it during the podcast, though, because the team kept their signing a secret. 

"Today, I've got Matt Lee and Jeff Parker. They have debuted in AEW as 2.0, although they didn't tell me that during this recording, it was a secret. They were Ever-Rise, the former WWE NXT tag team that just signed with AEW, and once again, changed their name to 2.0. The signing was such a secret, we didn't even talk about it when we sat down in my backyard to do this interview a few weeks ago," Jericho said.

Performing as Ever-Rise in NXT, Matt Lee and Jeff Parker were released by WWE in late June. 

They resurfaced in AEW earlier this month alongside Daniel Garcia and the new group are currently locked in a feud with Sting and Darby Allin. Sting will actually wrestle on TNT for the first time in over 20 years tonight alongside Allin against 2.0.

Current WWE wrestler Kevin Owens is a big fan of 2.0 and Jericho revealed KO called in a favour to get Matt Lee and Jeff Parker on Le Champion's podcast. 

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