Chris Jericho Plans To Do "Some Serious Soul Searching" Following AEW Loss To MJF

Is Le Champion finished?

Have we seen Chris Jericho for the final time in All Elite Wrestling? 

Jericho and The Inner Circle have been feuding with MJF and The Pinnacle for most of 2021 and the latest chapter of the rivalry was written last night after the two leaders went one on one. 

The Painmaker has been fighting his way through the Labours of Jericho in recent weeks and the 50-year-old managed to earn wins against Shawn Spears, Nick Gage, Juventud Guerrera and Wardlow. The former AEW World Champion fell at the final hurdle, though, and MJF forced Jericho to tap out after he applied Salt Of The Earth.

One of the stipulations for last night's match was that Jericho couldn't make his way to the ring to 'Judas.' The AEW fans in the arena made up for the lack of a soundtrack, though, as they serenaded The Demo God with the Fozzy song anyway.

Reflecting on the moment today, Jericho described it as one of the best moments of his career, but he also admitted he has some serious soul searching to do. 

"While the outcome wasn't what I wanted, last nights #AEWDynamite was one of the best moments of my career....THANK U HOUSTON! The acapella version of @fozzyrock #Judas was insane! Great story about this to tell some day. As for today, I have some serious soul searching to do," Jericho tweeted.

Some speculated the Labours of Jericho may have been a farewell tour for the multi-time world champion and many will be wondering if Jericho is indeed finished inside the squared circle. 

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