Chris Jericho Reveals Original Name For WWE's The New Day

The record setting tag champs nearly had a very different identity

Much has been made of the potential names suggested to The New Day, but according to AEW’s Chris Jericho on the Talk is Jericho podcast, they nearly had a very different name altogether.

In conversation with 2.0 (fka Ever-Rise in WWE) the three men talked about the creative process in WWE, and how names were seemingly plucked out of thin air.

“Nothing really sticks but every time we come up with something that might stick, doesn’t get through legal, and it goes all the way up to TV day,” said Jeff Parker “Wednesday, we’re there, and it’s 5:45. Doors open at 6:00, show starts at 8:00 and we still don’t have a name. Joe comes up to us. He goes, ‘Okay, so the last name that you guys had, didn’t clear legal. You’re going to be Ever-Rise.’ I go, ‘We’re what?’ It was the first time we ever heard it. It’s officially our name.”

“It was never on the table,” Matt Lee added “It just blew our minds. I go, ‘Where did that come from?’ He goes, ‘Well, if I had a band when I was a teenager, I would have named it Ever-Rise.’ At some point, you just own it.”

Jericho then spoke of The New Day, and that even the most dominant tag-team in WWE history had their fair share of terrible names before New Day stuck:

“That’s what New Day was. Their originally name was literally, this is not a joke, ‘Fresh Coat of Paint’,” Jericho revealed. “They decided on New Day basically right before. If you think about, what does that even mean? Even ‘New Day’, what does that even mean? Rhyno, Big Show, all these things, they’re awful at first, but now it’s so common.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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