Chris Jericho Reveals Vince McMahon Eating A Tough Steak Stopped One Of His "Greatest Ideas" From Being Approved In WWE

Never bother Vince while he's eating...

During the Summer of 2014, Chris Jericho returned to WWE to feud with Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family. The Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rolla went on to defeat Bray at Battleground only to lose the feud with defeats at SummerSlam and in a Steel Cage match on the September 8 episode of Monday Night Raw. 

During his recent interview with Brodie Lee on Talk Is Jericho, Le Champion revealed one of "his greatest ideas" for the feud with Wyatt was rejected because Vince McMahon was eating a tough steak. Jericho explained he wanted The Wyatt Family to attack him at SummerSlam which would have led him to turn to "the one man that I know I can go to the death with" in Shawn Michaels. The two former rivals would have then worked together for the first time since their feud in 2008 to fight Wyatt, Harper, and Rowan. 

The idea was brushed off, however, as when Jericho pitched the idea to Vince McMahon, he was eating a tough steak and WWE's CEO seemingly loses concentration while engrossed in his food as his only response to Jericho's proposal was "bad cow." 

The former AEW World Champion said: "You learn some of the timing of when to go into Vince's office. I had one of the greatest ideas I've ever come up with and it actually involved The Wyatt Family…for SummerSlam with Shawn Michaels. And The Wyatt Family attacks me and there's no one I can trust except the one man that I know I can go to the death with, call Shawn Michaels. And I had it all plotted out and Vince when I pitched it to him was eating a steak and I had asked three different people 'Has he eaten already?' 'Yes' 'Has he eaten already?' 'Yes.' As soon as I got in there, he was extra hungry that day and started eating his second meal. He was not paying attention to anything. The famous I gave him the whole thing, silence. Then he just looks up to me and he goes 'Bad cow, bad cow, this steak is tough.'"


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