Chris Jericho Says He "Saw Everything" At The Brawl Out Incident, Didn't Sign NDA

Chris Jericho claims he hasn't signed an NDA on the Brawl Out incident

The Brawl Out incident at AEW All Out 2022 took place well over a year ago now, but it still manages to find its way into headlines every so often, and this time it is due to AEW’s own Chris Jericho. 

Jericho responded to claims made by the lawyer of CM Punk and Ace Steel, Stephen P New, who noted that all those involved in the incident signed NDA’s, and that the only person legally allowed to speak about the happenings of Brawl Out is Steel’s wife, Lucy. 

The former AEW World Champion Jericho didn’t take too kindly to these comments, saying that he didn’t sign an NDA. New responded to Jericho and said that he had to adhere to his “employee handbook”. Once again, Jericho wasn’t all too impressed with New's remarks, and said this on X. 

"Hey @StephenPNew - I don’t adhere to an employee handbook and have NEVER had one in 4 years of working for @aew. Ive also never signed an NDA in my life ….ever. So stop trying to be a bully and making egotistical fantasy brags for your clients, and start doing some research before you make blanket statements about your buddies. Because I saw EVERYTHING that night…including how Lucy (and her husband and best buddy) acted and what really went down…and since I was in the room and watching her and everybody else the whole time..I know exactly what really happened. And considering you weren’t there and I was …maybe you should shut your mark ass up. Because what really went down was disgusting. …."

A lovely way to spend the holiday period for sure. It remains to be seen if Bryan Danielson offers out a fine for Jericho’s social media tirade.

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Written by Andrew Kelly