Christopher Daniels Wants To Wrestle Again In AEW

Is The Fallen Angel's return on the cards?

Christopher Daniels hasn't wrestled in an AEW ring since SCU lost to The Young Bucks back in May and were forced to split up as a result. 

The Fallen Angel is hoping that changes, though, and he said at the AEW panel at C2E2 that he wants to get back in an AEW ring and "do something with this roster."

"The last match I have for AEW television was the night that we wrestled against the Bucks and unfortunately, we lost and SCU had to split up. Since that time, I had sort of been weighing my future in the ring and I decided that I still wanted to give wrestling in the ring a go. Honestly, I would be lying if I said that I was happy going to AEW and not seeing my name on the board. I want to get back in the ring and do something with this roster," Daniels said.

"But I also realise that AEW is not a vanity project, and maybe Christopher Daniels in the ring isn't the best thing for AEW at this time with such a stacked card and so many young talents there. It's not my call. I hope to get in the ring at some point soon, but if not, I also realise that I'm still contributing to AEW. And if the fates decide that my best contribution is behind the scenes, then so be it. But I'm still ready to go and the minute I see my name on the board, I'll lace them up and bring it."

While he hasn't wrestled in AEW, Daniels has performed several times since returning to the ring at IMPACT Wrestling's September tapings. He has wrestled for DEFY, New Japan Pro-Wrestling. F1rst Wrestling and on Chris Jericho's latest cruise. 

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