JONAH Thought Some In WWE NXT Buddied Up To Writers

It pays to get along with the writers

Speaking about his time on WWE NXT, JONAH revealed he believes some on the developmental brand "buddy up" to writers.

"I feel like when I first was there [NXT], it was a different head writer. He then ended up leaving and when the new team sort of came forward, that's when I was more utilised. I feel like some people buddy up to writers or stuff like that and of course you wanna be close with these people because you wanna be close with them creatively and the type of performer that I am, I always wanna put in my input. I can't just copy and cut and paste what I do. I like to be creative," JONAH said on Wrestling Observer Live.

"So, it does pay in people's best interests to get along with these people but I found things started working better for me once myself and Hunter and I had a great relationship with Shawn [Michaels] as well. Once I was on board with those guys, like, that was where things took off."

Known as Bronson Reed in WWE, JONAH would receive a push on NXT which led to him defeating Johnny Gargano for the North American Title. He would drop the gold to Isaiah "Swerve" Scott shortly after, though, amidst talk that he would be moving to the main roster.

JONAH was instead released in August of this year, however, and he has since resurfaced in IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW.

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