CM Punk Appears At NXT Deadline

CM Punk opened NXT Deadline

NXT fans were taken by surprise when CM Punk showed up at the Deadline premium live event last night, arriving to open the show in a promo segment alongside Shawn Michaels. This continues the story of CM Punk deciding between WWE’s three brands - RAW, SmackDown, & NXT - when it comes to his permanent home on WWE programming. Punk noted on SmackDown that he had a telephone conversation planned with Michaels, but they decided instead to meet face to face. 

Wearing a Bret Hart hoodie, Punk cracked some jokes and pleased the crowd, comparing the relationship between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart to himself and Triple H. Punk pondered on where to sign, and went on to further promote Monday Night RAW, where he will make his final decision on which brand to go to. 

It was a promo to get the crowd hyped up for the night, but it is of course worth noting, especially since NXT Deadline went head-to-head with AEW Collision - the show previously created with Punk as its headline star.

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Written by Andrew Kelly