CM Punk: Having MJF Interfere In My AEW Debut Did Cross My Mind

Punk returned to wrestling with AEW in August

CM Punk has admitted the thought of having MJF or another talent walk out instead of him during his AEW debut did cross his mind, but quickly ruled it out when he realised everyone else had the same idea.

Punk's return to wrestling was the industry's worst kept secret and, by the time All Elite Wrestling presented Rampage: The First Dance in Chicago in August, fans across the world were widely anticipating the Second City Savour's return on the show. 

Of course, Punk did make his comeback but no one knew for sure until the man himself walked out on stage, while some fans theorised that AEW could swerve the crowd by having a heel character like MJF walk out instead.

Punk has confirmed the idea to pull such a move had crossed his mind, admitting it was 'low hanging fruit', but decided not to when he noted that people were half-expecting it to happen.

Speaking on the possibility of someone else walking out at AEW Rampage: The First Dance, Punk told Josh Martinez on Z100: "Lowest hanging fruit in that aspect. That, of course, did cross my mind. Once I realized that was the thought on everybody's mind, to me, it wasn't the right thing to do yet. Not yet."

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