CM Punk Questions If AEW Have The Depth To Accommodate More Titles

AEW is introducing a secondary women's title

CM Punk has questioned whether All Elite Wrestling has the depth in the talent roster to require more Championships.

AEW is set to introduce a secondary women's Title - The TBS Championship - in the near future, while rumours persist regarding a potential Trios Tag Team Title as well.

Punk, however, personally prefers fewer Titles in a promotion.

When asked for his thoughts on more Championships being introduced in AEW, Punk told Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement: "I think if everybody has a title and if everybody's a champion that nobody's a champion, you know, I think you got to be really careful with that.

"I think the TBS Title's even pushing it, you know, there's already a women's title. Do we have the depth in the women's division? Do we have the depth in the men's division, to have a secondary title? I think we've been doing pretty good so far. I think Miro brought a lot of credibility to that [TNT] belt and stabilized it, and obviously, Kenny Omega is the AEW Champion.

"It's kind of a touchy subject. I know in 2021 everybody wants to really extol the virtues of women's wrestling and this isn't a knock, I married a women's wrestler, you know? I just wonder if we have the personnel to support a secondary or a title that's on even footing with the Women's Title. I just don't know.

"Trios [Titles], it's the same thing. It's just like yeah, there's a lot of stables that have three people, and yeah you can have me tag with Sting, and Darby but again, if everybody's a champion, nobody's a champion. You know, there needs to be, in my opinion, less titles but we'll see how it goes.

"You know, I'm sure all the women will prove me wrong, and I'm okay with that... Maybe instead of another women's title, maybe women's tag belts but then again, I don't know. Women's tag belts before trios belts. I'll say that."

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