CM Punk: Watching Dynamite Reminds Me Of 1995 WCW Nitro

Dynamite reminds Punk of Nitro… but in a good way

When AEW launched it presented itself as an alternative to WWE and sports entertainment, and has since become the biggest non-WWE wrestling company in America since WCW.

Many have used the WCW tag as a knock on AEW, but CM Punk has drawn a positive between the two companies, saying the following on Barstool Rasslin’:

“On the AEW side of things, I’m like a kid at Christmas. A kid like Dante Martin, I watched him and the stuff he can do. I feel like I’m watching a 1995 Nitro where it has a different feel to it. It feels gritty. It feels rough around the edges, and oh, by the way, here’s two luchadors who had a layover in Tijuana. They’re exhausted, they go out there, and they have a 6-minute match, but they put on such a show, and they pack so much in 6 minutes and have it make sense. I’m an artist and I’m looking and I go, ‘Oh, I’ve never painted with that brush before. I can’t wait to get a hold of that brush.”


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Written by Jack Atkins

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