CM Punk: You Can Argue Hulk Hogan Is A Bigger Star Than Steve Austin But I Think Hogan Is A Piece Of Sh*t

Punk was discussing star power in wrestling

CM Punk has compared Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin in terms of star power but says he thinks Hogan 'is a piece of sh*t', referencing his own hatred of a fostered culture that saw top guys keep other wrestlers off their level.

Speaking to Brandon Walker on Rasslin, Punk was asked about the reaction he received during his long-awaited return to wrestling on the August 20 episode of AEW Rampage. 

Punk said he wants to help everyone on the AEW roster get to that level of reception, noting how some individuals in wrestling fostered a culture of keeping other guys down once they reached the pinnacle of the business.

Punk said: "It's like the kids say, there is levels to this, and you don't know until you ascend to those levels. One of the things I've always hated about the wrestling business is it seems that people - there are exceptions to the rule, some people are good about it - there have always been people who have gotten to a certain level and they are almost taught, and the culture is fostered for them to believe that they need to make sure nobody else gets to that level. They don't want anyone to 'steal their spot.'

"Throwing my name in the hat with someone like Steve Austin, who arguably is the biggest star the business has ever seen. A lot of this is subjective. You can make the argument that Hulk Hogan is a bigger star than Steve Austin. Then you look at business periods and eras and box office receipts and all that other stuff. I think Hogan is a piece of sh*t, so obviously I'm like 'Steve Austin, yeah.' 

"What it feels like, I don't have the words to describe. I know what I feel like is, I want to help everyone on the AEW roster f*cking get there."

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