Cody Rhodes Details Paul Wight Conversation Prior To Signing With AEW

"The lack of negotiation tells me he's very hungry and wants to be part of this."

Cody Rhodes has revealed Paul Wight contacted him about life in All Elite Wrestling prior to speaking to Tony Khan about signing a deal with the promotion. 

Wight departed WWE after 22 years with Vince McMahon's promotion last month, agreeing a long-term deal with AEW as an in-ring talent and commentator, and the AEW Executive Vice-President admitted he spoke to his old colleague about the company.

Rhodes told Action Sports Jax: "I'm typically one of the first people that people reach out to because we shared locker rooms together and they are curious. I'm never afraid to chat with somebody and see where they're at mentally. 

"With him, that was one of the main giveaways and how I know how motivated he is. There wasn't much negotiation. He talked to me and then moved on to talking to Tony Khan and they were quite a match. The benefit he provides to the locker room are endless. The lack of negotiation tells me he's very hungry and wants to be part of this, it was almost an emotional decision. 

"People who follow my career know that I was not happy with what happened with my rivalry with Big Show and what it led to at WrestleMania, creatively. It was actually the beginning of my downfall at the company. The part they didn't see was the three to four months where I was basically married to this giant on live events. There are a few people I ever learned as much from. It was so valuable to me. I see him talking backstage and I see the sincerity. They are going to learn so much and I can't wait to see him go (in the ring)."

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