Cody Rhodes Helps Fan Secure Rhea Ripley's Used Gum

Fan delighted with Rhea Ripley's used gum

Cody Rhodes had a different task at the March 15 taping of Friday Night SmackDown.

Rhea Ripley defended the Women's World Championship in a dark match at the SmackDown taping, ultimately defeating Natalya and Shayna Baszler in a Triple Threat. Ripley spat out her gum at the taping and a fan @big_bad_bubba_ later asked Cody Rhodes if they could get the gum for them. 

"I'm gonna be judged hard for this but oh well. Last night @RheaRipley_WWE spat her gum out & it landed in the ring. Then later on @CodyRhodes was making his way around ringside for pics/autographs. I asked him if I could have Rhea's gum & yep... (No I did not chew it)Look look, I can't believe I did it either alright. I didn't think I'd actually get it but figured what the hell? And besides didn't someone pay thousands of dollars for something Rhea licked on a stream? I got this for free," the fan tweeted.

Cody Rhodes and a member of WWE's ring crew were perplexed by the request but they retrieved the gum anyway. 

"No I asked him and pointed to it. He and the crew member next to him were equally perplexed when I asked, but honest to God I just did it for a joke. I didn't mean to cause such an uproar here," @big_bad_bubba_ added.

Fans being infatuated with Rhea Ripley isn't anything new. One fan paid $580 for an autograph licked by the Women's World Champion in November 2023.

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