Cody Rhodes Reveals Disastrous Meeting Between Tony Khan & Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona and Tony Khan had terrible discussions to bring him into AEW

Back in 2020, Matt Cardona made a surprise appearance in AEW, having a very short spell in the promotion whilst not being under contract. This saw him team up with Cody Rhodes and the Nightmare Family in their feud with The Dark Order, with Cardona even getting a spot on the All Out 2020 PPV, teaming with Scorpio Sky, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall to take on the team of Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson. 

Cardona never ended up signing with AEW, but a recent appearance on The Major Wrestling Figure podcast from Cody Rhodes saw him and Cardona reveal disastrous talks which took place between Cardona and Tony Khan. Rhodes was looking to help bring Cardona on board, and set up a meeting between the two parties. Due to the pandemic, the scenario saw Cardona and Khan hold their talks at an after party - something which Rhodes regretted.

“We should have flown to Matt, or we should have done it in an office somewhere. The setting was not great.”

Cardona noted that he thought the meeting would be private, but there were prying eyes everywhere. Rhodes went on to explain how the meeting went down. 

“It’s so great that you got those because it was so insanely awkward for such a period of time. Because I noticed — you know when Matt gets nervous, the shoulders tense up and his face gets a little more red than it already is? You can feel his energy getting nervous, so I noticed he was a little nervous about this meeting, which, whatever. I’m not judging that by any means, but he hasn’t told me anything that he’s going to say. Of course, I trust my ‘best friend’ is going to be just fine with this and I don’t have to do anything besides [do the introduction].

“This is how the conversation opened up, and if I could’ve taken a friggin’ back bump on the cement, I would’ve taken a back bump, it was so shocking. Tony starts talking, and before long, Matt goes, ‘Well, let me stop you right there.’ So he’s already got a bullish, fortune favors the bold approach to this,” Cody explained. “He goes, ‘Let me stop you right there. I want you to know that I don’t want to be here to be ‘Cody’s friend. I want you to know that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Nightmare Family jacket.’ This is happening in real time to me, and this is the guy that I suggested come in as my friend!”

Khan could only respond “Oh, ok,” and the rest of the talk was described to be insanely awkward and not productive. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly