Complete AEW Full Gear Results From Baltimore

An eventful night...

It was not a night short of action, drama and insanity, as AEW Full Gear emanated from Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena in Saturday night.

In all, eight matches took place, including three title matches, and a Lights Out main event that, in the eyes of many, went beyond boundaries.

Buy In: Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Bea Priestley in 11:35

Baker actually worked the match with the flu. She ended up submitting Priestley to the Lockjaw. Afterward, Awesome Kong appeared (summoned by Brandi Rhodes), and she beat down Priestley, hitting the Implant Buster. Kong and Rhodes then used a knife to cut off locks of Priestley's hair.

Proud n' Powerful def. The Young Bucks in 21:00

Lots of old-school style see-saw tag team wrestling, with a few crazy spots thrown in (like Matt Jackson's perpetual Northern Lights suplexes). After Matt was incapacitated, Nick fell victim to the Street Sweeper. Afterward, The Rock n' Roll Express (who were in the front row), got involved, and Ricky Morton (honest to goodness) hit Santana with a Canadian Destroyer.

Adam Page def. Pac in 18:30

More of a rugged brawl, with a lot less in the way of Pac's familiar daredevil moves. Lots of callbacks in this match, particularly late in the bout when Pac tried once more for the low blow, only for "Hangman" to catch the boot in time. Dead Eye finished for Page.

Shawn Spears def. Joey Janela in 11:45

Earl Hebner was the referee here, so naturally Spears locked Janela in a Sharpshooter (it *is* November 9, after all). A complicated referee distraction led to Spears and Tully Blanchard hitting the classic Brain Busters spike-driver on Janela on the floor, enabling a Spears win.

AEW World Tag Team: SCU def. The Lucha Brothers and Private Party in 13:00

The sort of spot-tastic match you'd expect from the men involved, with Rey Fenix in particular wowing everyone with his freakish agility. Party's Gin and Juice was prevented, and SCU finished off Isiah Kassidy with the SCU Later. In the aftermath, the lights went out and once they were back on, another Pentagon materialized, confusing the real one. He laid out both Lucha Bros, and unmasked to reveal Christopher Daniels, reuniting the SCU trio.

AEW Women's: Riho def. Emi Sakura in 13:20

The teacher-vs-student aspect was played up in a technically-proficient match that, as expected, played to the trope of Riho as the underdog. Sakura hit every power move possible, accelerating to a series of near-fall attempts before Riho eked it out by countering the Magistral cradle into her own pinning combo.

AEW World Heavyweight: Chris Jericho def. Cody Rhodes via corner submission in 29:35

Ringside judges were Keiji Mutoh, Arn Anderson, and Dean Malenko (the later of whom Chris Jericho mouthed off to, renewing old hostilities). Slowly built into a dramatic and heated battle, amplified by Cody splitting open his eyebrow after wiping out on a suicide dive. Tons of near falls down the stretch, with Cody blocking the Judas Effect and countering into Cross Rhodes for two. Jericho wore Rhodes down to the point where he locked on the Lion Tamer with a very pronounced curve. MJF threw in the towel on Cody's behalf to give Jericho the win.

Afterward, MJF expressed sadness for costing his friend his only AEW World title match...only to then kick Cody in the groin. As MJF walked up the ramp and turned back to the ring, a fan nailed him with a beverage and was apparently quickly ejected for doing so.

Lights Out: Jon Moxley def. Kenny Omega in 38:45

In a word: insane. Barbed wire bats and brooms, chairs, tables, trash cans, chains, and even screwdrivers, broken glass, mousetraps and barbed wire spider web boards came into play, with both men ripping each other apart during the epic-length match. Late in the bout, Moxley cut the canvas up from the ring, and removed the padding to expose the planks beneath. Both hit big moves on the bared lumber, but after Omega missed a Phoenix splash onto the boards, Moxley finished with a Death Rider onto them.

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