Conrad Thompson Claims He Isn't Planning To Start His Own Promotion

Conrad Thompson seemingly won't be starting his own promotion

Since promoting Ric Flair's Last Match in July, podcast master Conrad Thompson has teased launching his own promotion. Conrad first mentioned that Flair's Last Match was part of a "master plan" and he has since filed a trademark for Southwest Championship Wrestling - the Texas territory that was run by the Blanchards. 

Rumours of Thompson working with AAA to promote an event over WrestleMania 39 weekend have also emerged and Conrad addressed those rumours during a chat with Wrestling Inc, claiming he is not looking to start his own promotion. 

"I don't aim to have a promotion. I know that's been a big discussion on the heels of Ric Flair's Last Match, and we've certainly played into that a little bit on Jeff Jarrett's podcast. But that's just tongue-in-cheek, just to have fun. We don't have some grandiose plan to start a wrestling promotion, myself and Jeff or whatever, but does that mean that I want to still continue to create content and build experiences for fans? Of course. So I'm going to continue to create podcasts, and continue to do Starrcast, and continue to create content and work on other stuff. But I do think it's valuable to have relationships where you can. We've got a referral deal going with IMPACT right now - if folks listen to Jeff Jarrett's podcast and they sign up for the IMPACT Plus app, they can use promo code 'Jeff,' and blah, blah, blah," Conrad said.

"And clearly I've done some stuff with AEW in the past, whether it was appearing on their programming, or holding some press conferences, or doing their conventions with Starrcast. And obviously I'm a friend of WWE. I've loaned them a lot of footage. And Ric Flair's documentary that comes out later in the month, you'll see some of my belts and robes and all that stuff, that's all featured in there. And so my relationship with all these folks are, I'm basically Switzerland, dude. I mean, I don't mean for that to sound the way it does, but that's kind of it. 

"I don't work for AAA, I don't work for IMPACT, I don't work for AEW, I don't work for WWE. I think the world of Dorian, the fellow who owns AAA and is sort of leading that charge, and I hope that their show in Tempe this past week was super successful. My understanding is it was the first time any event was ran in that arena, and pretty notable that Cain Velasquez was there. And I saw your report that maybe he's going to do something in LA. Yes, I would love to be helpful for anyone and everyone to try to succeed in wrestling, but I don't have an official title. I don't work in any official capacity with any wrestling company."

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