Control Your Narrative Issues Statement On Braun Strowman's WWE Return

CYN bids farewell to Braun Strowman following his WWE return

Just over a year on from his release, Braun Strowman returned to WWE on Monday's episode of Raw, taking out several tag teams in a dominant performance. He will next appear on WWE TV on Friday's episode of SmackDown. 

Strowman was a part of the Control Your Narrative promotion prior to re-signing with WWE and he had made appearances on the company's first shows alongside EC3. He was also in the main event of Free The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All in 2020, a precursor to CYN. 

Following Strowman's appearance, EC3 of CYN issued the following statement

"Control Your Narrative (CYN) would like to wish Adam Scherr the best in his return to from as Braun Strowman. To 'Control Your Narrative' is to 'Tell Your Story' and the story is Braun Strowman is 'unfinished business.' May Adam/Braun continue to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents, while also doing what motivates him the most, 'putting smiles on people's faces' world wide.

Adam's ability and value was a catalyst of growth for CYN, allowing an 'idea' to grow into featured content, live shows, and the prospect of a domestic tour and weekly episodic television featured on 'Pro Wrestling TV.' With CYN we hope the fulfillment of helping the next generation and personal growth leads him to becoming 'who he is supposed to be.'

Control Your Narrative is not about just one man, but a brand. CYN is, and always will be, a platform for any talent/individual to find their 'purpose' in this industry. CYN was created to allow name performers' the creative freedom to reinvent themselves while also giving new, deserving wrestlers the one thing they desperately seek.


With CYN, our mission is to create memories, characters and a platform that will last a lifetime. I remain determined to make CYN a platform where those following their 'dream' have a place to learn, create, grow and make a living. Control Your Narrative will be both a proving ground and an education. CYN exists not just to build better wrestlers, but to build better people. Adam's contributions to both will be missed.

With Adam's return to WWE, the vision remains the same but the immediate future is known. This is not a bad thing. To our CYN talent, those that are knocking on the door, to any fan, lover/hater or any individual reading I can assure you only one thing.

Everything you ever want, is on the other side of the unknown.


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