Could AEW Axe ROH To Cut Costs?

AEW needs to cut costs - could ROH be axed to help with this?

After Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics mentioned in an SEScoops interview that AEW may very well not be profitable right now, there was talk on how AEW as a company could cut costs and raise profits. 

One source told SEScoops that the company has several avenues to potentially go down in terms of cutting costs, especially since there are a whole load of names signed to the promotion, with 158 in-ring talents alone filling up an extensive roster, per the official AEW roster page. The source noted that whilst they “hoped it would not come to that”, offloading some names could be a possibility, especially those who are less needed. It was said that Tony Khan doesn’t have any interest in engaging in mass releases on the scale of WWE though. 

Another idea floated in the piece was axing ROH if needed. ROH currently airs on HonorClub rather than on WBD or TV, and doesn’t get a whole load of attention. Travel costs were another area in which it has been said that AEW could cut down on, as their expenses reportedly exceed that of even WWE.

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Written by Andrew Kelly