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John Cena's WWE Return

John cena wwe money in the bank 2021 july 2021


John Cena’s return to WWE at Money In The Bank may not have been the most unexpected surprise - reports of a comeback had been circulating since May - but no one truly knew just when Cena would make his long-awaited showing. 

Coming at the conclusion of a simply excellent pay-per-view, as Roman Reigns addressed the live crowd, the swelling of noise in the audience was immense as the first chords of Cena’s entrance theme filled the arena. 

The energy went to berserk levels when Cena physically entered the arena, with even the usually composed Michael Cole giving into the excitement. 

For one moment in time, the entire WWE Universe came together in a unanimous showing of love for Cena. Men, women and children celebrated not just Cena’s shock return, but the most wonderful of surprises at the end of a show that signalled the return of live crowds at WWE’s shows.

Nominated By: Mitch Waddon - Editor-In-Chief

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