Dana Brooke Admits She Hates The Start-Stop Pushes In WWE

"I try not to get my hopes up"...

During her run in WWE, Dana Brooke hasn't received a long-term push and has often found herself towards the bottom of the women's roster in a number of different roles. In 2020 alone, she has been in three thrown-together tag teams with Lacey Evans, Carmella and Mandy Rose and found herself off WWE TV for a two-month spell in the Summer. 

She has found regular TV time with God's Greatest Creation, though, and has been on Monday Night Raw every week as of late.

Despite this more prominent role, Brooke admitted during the latest edition of Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast that she tries not to get her hopes up and hates the "start-stop" pushes she has received. 

"It makes me really emotional because I know I can do this," Dana said. "And I hate the start-stop, right? I hate it because it makes me excited. Like, what am I excited for if it's always the start and stop? Why can't I go? Why can't I run with something? Why can't I just go out there and show the world and show people behind [the] stage that I can do this? It's always start-stop. 

"'You want to do Titus Worldwide and be a statistician?' 'Okay.' I never complain. I never ask for things. I just always do what is asked of me thinking that I'll get somewhere. And then it's like, 'No.' And then going out there and cutting a heartfelt promo to the fans with Ronda Rousey. I was like, 'Wow, this is everything.' Which was a great opportunity but then I was injured. And then not being able to perform and carry that story any more. Like you said, sitting on the sidelines and just being like, 'Alright, maybe another time. Maybe another time will come.'...

"I'm such a team player and I'm such a WWE girl that anything I do, everywhere I possibly go on the public side and any interviews that I'm doing, I try to do things as far as talk about how good this company is in general. Doing the outside community work with them and always trying to put WWE on a platform and it's like, 'But what am I getting from it?' I'm trying to be the best possible person I can be but there's nothing behind me to drive me to that next point. And, you know, being with Mandy, it's like I hope and I pray but at this point, it's like I try not to get my hopes up."

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