Darby Allin Thought AEW Would Wait To Book Jeff Hardy Match

Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy had their first ever singles match on May 11

It was a death defying dream match that most of us never thought we’d see, as Jeff Hardy took on Darby Allin in singles action on the May 11 edition of AEW: Dynamite.

The two faced off in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament in Hardy’s second ever AEW singles match since joining the promotion in March, and Allin admitted ahed of the match that he’s surprised how quickly the match came about, telling the New York Post

“It’s one that has a lot to do with outside of wrestling,” said Allin on his relationship with Hardy. “It’s the way I see him live his life outside of the ring, the stunts and the craziness that kind of draws me to him. I don’t get that from a lot of wrestlers. I don’t think I get that from any wrestlers. Nobody excited me outside the ring. To have that feeling with somebody, I’m like damn. So the first time I talked to him, we’re like, “Hey, you like to jump off of big s***. I like to jump off of big s***. You like dirt bikes. I like dirt bikes.” It was really like an organic relationship. It was super fun. For us to have that one tag match, me, Sting, Matt and Jeff down in Texas, that was also a lot of fun. It just feels very normal.

“People thought this was a dream match and, yes, it’s a dream match for me, but man this came really quick. I was expecting it a little bit down the road to be honest. This came really quick, but now’s better than never. Wednesday, I don’t know what to expect. It’s gonna be an interesting one.”

Hardy ended up getting the win after a high intensity high risk bout, reversing a Darby Allin pin after a Coffin Drop.

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