David Finlay Says His Vision For Bullet Club Is Going According To Plan

David Finlay’s Bullet Club is on track

The mood in New Japan has changed ever since David Finlay took over Bullet Club, with the longstanding group taking on new members, a new identity, and a new edge.

Speaking with NJPW’s official website, Finlay said that his vision for the group in going according to plan:

"Everything is going according to plan. I said last year to expect me, and I don’t think people knew what to expect. But I had this in the works for a very long time. I’m having a killer year- the best of my career. The only one that’s been able to beat me one on one is SANADA, and he’s the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. That’s the only guy that’s been able to come anywhere close," Finlay said.

Since taking over the infamous group, Finlay kicked out El Phantasmo and recruited the likes of Clark Connors, Alex Coughlin, and Gabe Kidd, with Finlay wanting Bullet Club to be a pack of hungry vicious competitors once more:

"In my BULLET CLUB, I really don’t care about popularity or what the fans think. I’ve been saying it and I’ll say again, this is for killers and savages only. I want every member to be carrying championship gold, and If you can’t carry gold, you bring me bodies," Finlay said.

"Let me take you all the way back ten years ago,” Finlay continued. “It was another Irishman, Prince Devitt that started this thing, and it wasn’t about T-shirt sales. They didn’t care about too sweeting fans, they cared about brutality and making a statement. In the years after you had the nerdy side of BULLET CLUB in the Elite. You had the T-shirt selling machine that The Good Brothers were. They got soft, they cared about merch and this and that. I don’t. At the end of the day the greats don’t build legacies on how many T-shirts they sell. What’s important is what you achieve in this business. So I want to be feared, and I want my legacy to be greater than anyone that’s come before me.”

Whilst the initial installing of Finlay as Bullet Club head drew criticism, this new look Bullet Club is starting to find a groundswell of support online.

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