Dax Harwood Calls Out 'Top Name' Who Reportedly Left AEW Dynamite In A Bad Mood

Dax Harwood calls out "top" AEW name on Twitter

Amidst reports of division in AEW’s locker room and Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer revealing that a top name in the company left Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite in a bad mood because of CM Punk’s presence, FTR’s Dax Harwood had a lot to say on the situation. 

One half of AEW’s World Tag Team Champions took to Twitter to respond to these reports and to call out the ‘top name’ that was supposedly frustrated. He first talked about the supposed divisiveness in the promotion. 

“I can’t thank everyone in AEW enough for how well they treated Finley this week at Dynamite. You all made her feel so special. If there is a “divisiveness” that a certain individual is reporting, I didn’t see it AT ALL. Check the Collision locker room too. This is a family.”

In a now deleted tweet, Harwood also had this to say. 

“This one will get be some heat, but f*** it, it needs to be said. Whatever “top star” left the show in a BaD MoOd because a certain individual was there; instead of running to Dave, why not just tell the individual face to face. That’s how we used to do things back in the day.” 

Meltzer himself responded to someone who had screenshotted and reposted this tweet, asking “Remember the last time that happened?” in response to the Brawl Out incident where the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega did in fact go backstage to find Punk face-to-face, leading to a brawl.

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Written by Andrew Kelly