Dean Ambrose No Longer Advertised For WWE Shows Happening After His Contract Expires

WWE Raw Superstar is leaving after WrestleMania 35...

WWE has recently been promoting Dean Ambrose to be on live events throughout the month of May, even listing The Lunatic Fringe as part of the company's tour of Europe.

Obviously, with WWE confirming the news that Dean will be leaving for pastures new when his contract expires in April, fans were asking questions. Why would they be promoting a man who they know won't be there?

Well, Dean's name has been removed from all events in May now, so read into that what you will.

Could this just have been a clerical error from those who put the live event and tour listings together, or are WWE covering a potentially massive storyline with even more mystery?

The possibility of the entire situation being an elaborate storyline remains, as Roman Reigns told a concerned fan at a meet and greet he'd sort Dean's situation out. Couple that with what we saw on Raw this week, and The Big Dog showing Dean the light and convincing him to stay almost writes itself.

No doubt we'll hear more about this as April and WrestleMania 35 approaches...

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