Dean Ambrose Reportedly Decided Not To Be Part Of Roman Reigns Return On WWE Raw

Seth Rollins took to the stage following The Big Dog's big announcement...

Last night's Raw kicked off in emotional fashion as Roman Reigns announced that his cancer is in remission.

Following The Big Dog's speech, Seth Rollins appeared at the top of the ramp to embrace his Shield brother. Given an apparent face turn that has taken place over the last couple of weeks, certain members of the WWE Universe were expecting Dean Ambrose to be out on the ramp as well - just like he was the night in October when Reigns announced that his Leukemia had come back.

However, Dean was nowhere to be seen, and according to a report from Fightful, it was his call to stay backstage: "Dean Ambrose was very emotional while Roman was sharing the positive news about his return. The decision to have Reigns and Rollins save Ambrose after his match was made shortly after Reigns' announcement."

Ambrose would appear later in the show to take part in a short altercation with Elias, during which he challenged Drew McIntyre to a No DQ match. Ambrose would lose that match, with Messrs Corbin, Lashley and Elias getting involved.

Rollins and Reigns would then save their former (?) friend before the trio had a bit of a standoff, hinting at a possible Shield reunion.

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