Dolph Ziggler Calls Out WWE Production For Missing Edge's First Spear In Royal Rumble

As many have noticed...

WWE's mode of TV production in recent years has been subject to criticism, from the shaking and quaking (and zooming) effects employed by the cameramen, to the heavy reliance on crowd reaction shots.

At last night's Royal Rumble, an insistence on the latter resulted in Edge's first spear as a wrestler in close to nine years being missed.

As "The Rated R Superstar" was a moment away from plowing through Dolph Ziggler, the shot switched to a generic pan-over of some spectators, and the home audience didn't get to see the spear.

Ziggler has tweeted about the gaffe, first writing, "who cuts away from an official in-ring return, while two opponents are running towards each other?"

He followed up by saying, "people make mistakes, we all do & I have made tons. That being said; a very special moment was inexplicably missed. anyone got cell phone footage?"

WWE's official YouTube account subtly edited the video of Edge's return from last night, making it seem as though Edge's spear of Karl Anderson (which followed the Ziggler spear) was actually the first to be delivered.

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