Drew McIntyre Helped Dirty Dango Join The NWA

The former Fandango rejoined the NWA at Hard Times 2

After his release from WWE in 2021, Fandango had many options ahead of him in the wrestling business, ending up in the NWA after debuting at this month’s Hard Times 2 PPV.

Dango’s road to the NWA was unexpected though, as he revealed to Chris Van Vliet that former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was instrumental in helping him arrive in the NWA:

“I was at Drew McIntyre’s wedding a few years ago. Drew and I are really close and Billy [Corgan] was there, from Smashing Pumpkins and when I got released - it’s weird, when you get released, you kind of figure out who your real friends are and a lot of people you think you’ll hear from, you don’t and a lot of people that you didn’t kind of expect to reach out to you, you do which is kind of surprising but, understandably man, it’s weird. When someone gets released that you’re not really close with, it’s like you don’t want - because you know they’re getting a thousand text messages but you don’t - it’s like a weird kind of situation but Drew reached out to me and he goes, ‘Hey man, if you ever wanna go try to get in with Billy, here’s his contact’ so, I gave him a call, he said, ‘Yeah, we’re doing some tapings in December’ and I just flew back today.

“We just did three or four days in Atlanta. Long, long days of filming but it was like a family reunion down there. It’s all my old buddies and Mike Knox and a bunch of guys from Deep South Wrestling, Sam Adonis was there. It was like a reunion and just that cliché analogy of, ‘Man, you gotta be nice to everybody on your way up.’ Not saying the NWA is on the way down but, it’s true man. We’re like this weird, niche community. We’re all connected in some way so if you’re a prick to somebody or like screw someone over, there’s a good chance you’ll run into them again, you know? But, if you’re cool and you got a lot of good friends and you’re nice to people, which I think I did and it’s just - it was cool man. To see all my old friends and s*** and super laid-back atmosphere and it was fun.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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