Drew McIntyre Open To Feuding With Roman Reigns On WWE SmackDown

Reigns vs. McIntyre later this year?

While Drew McIntyre spent much of 2020 as WWE Champion, The Scottish Warrior has fallen down the card in recent months since his third loss to Bobby Lashley at Hell In A Cell in June. 

McIntyre is unable to challenge for the WWE Championship while Lashley remains champion and the former 3MB man was pinned by Damian Priest on last night's edition of Raw, hinting that his time on the red brand may be coming to an end. 

This leaves SmackDown as a possible destination for Drew and with the WWE Draft reportedly set to take place in October, McIntyre admitted to Sports Illustrated that he would be open to facing Roman Reigns again. 

"I had an opportunity to help cement Bobby as champion, and to do that for a top-level performer was an honour. I'm extremely happy for him, he's someone that earned and deserves all his success. SummerSlam was a tough spot, coming out right after Becky's return, but it was an opportunity to make a statement against Jinder. We were able to have that moment in front of so many people, which was an honour, and now I'm excited to see what comes next," Drew said.

"It was cool on Raw to be involved with Damian Priest, Lashley and Sheamus, who are three highly physical athletes. I want to set the tone for physicality in WWE, and I'm excited for the next story. That's what people feel and touches emotions. I'm looking for something good, and if it's Roman, I hope he's ready."

McIntyre previously clashed with Reigns at Survivor Series 2020 in one of WWE's best matches of the year. They have yet to square off since, but McIntyre believes a new feud with The Big Dog would be "something big down the line."

"That's something I would love to sink my teeth into, and it's something, inevitably, that will happen. We had less than a week together last year, but the chemistry, even without fans in the stands, that was real. Roman is my biggest feud since I returned to WWE, and I feel like I've had more matches with him than anybody, but it feels different now. The roles have completely switched, and you're seeing who we are as real people. There is something big down the line for us down," Drew added.


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