Drew McIntyre: Roman Reigns Is Killing It For WWE Right Now

"He's feeling it. He knows where he's at as a character."

Drew McIntyre has hailed Roman Reigns for his current work in WWE, saying the Universal champion is 'killing it right now' for the promotion. 

Reigns has enjoyed the run of his WWE career since returning in August 2020, working fantastically as the 'Tribal Chief' and dominating Friday Night Smackdown alongside Paul Heyman. 

McIntyre, who faced Reigns in a Champion Vs. Champion match at last year's Survivor Series, believes Reigns truly knows where he stands as a character and has tapped into a new level, and is excited about the potential of working with him again in the future.

Speaking to DAZN, he said: "I'm such a fan of his in general, and especially the work he's doing right now is believable. He's feeling it. He knows where he's at as a character, and it's pretty much the opposite of what he used to be.

"Where he used to be is where I'm at right now in being the fighting champion, putting the work, and being the workhorse. It's interesting how those roles are flipped. I’m excited about the possibility of what we can do down the line because he's absolutely killing it right now."

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