Drew McIntyre Says CM Punk Is Made Of "Real Glass"

Drew McIntyre has channelled his inner Jack Perry

Drew McIntyre has been absolutely relentless in the shots he continues throwing at rival CM Punk, and over the last few weeks he hasn’t been shy to reference CM Punk’s controversial past in AEW. In social media posts, McIntyre has quoted Punk’s “Brawl Out” media scrum rant, and he has dug up AEW content again in an interview with The Ringer

McIntyre spoke on the injury suffered by Punk and his condition once he returns. 

“I saw it in his eyes the first time we were in the ring together and I was on the microphone. I could see it right in his eyes, ‘this was not the same kid that I made his life difficult for a period of time. Also, he’s twice the size of me now. No matter how much jiu-jitsu I’ve done, he’ll tear my arms off and beat me with them or give me the Future Shock and my triceps would fall off.’ I understand he’s a very big bame and brings a lot of eyeballs. I recognize from a business perspective. I’m fine with that. He came crawling back to sports entertainment, good for him. Brought a few eyeballs, got a big payday, I get all that stuff. If you get put in a situation with me, I’m going to verbally tear your apart and physically tear your apart. I want that match with him, but I don’t believe he’ll be in a physical condition to wrestle Drew McIntyre. He’s literally made of glass, real glass, and I’ll break him."

This seems to reference the “real glass” comment made by Jack Perry at All In 2023, which allegedly sparked a physical altercation behind the scenes between himself and Punk, which would go on to result in Punk’s termination from AEW. Perry himself has also been in the news recently, with it being reported that Tony Khan was “really mad” with him over the incident.

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Written by Andrew Kelly