Report: Tony Khan 'Really Mad' With Jack Perry For 'Costing' AEW CM Punk

AEW firing CM Punk still has Tony Khan "really mad" it seems

According to a report from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Tony Khan is "really mad" at Jack Perry because he "cost" All Elite Wrestling CM Punk. 

"He has absolutely not been fired but they are not using him. Tony's really mad at him because he cost him CM Punk. He's getting the blame. He probably should have been suspended for a month or two. Where are we? Seven months now? Seven months, it's ridiculous. Punishment doesn't fit the crime at this point. It's like, it's his fault because the other guy lost his mind?" Meltzer said.

Jack Perry has not appeared on All Elite Wrestling programming since the All In pay-per-view on Sunday, August 27. Perry faced HOOK on the All In pre-show, during which he said "It's real glass, go cry me a river". Perry was sent through the glass windscreen of a limousine by HOOK moments later. 

Perry's comments referred to a previous argument with CM Punk in the Summer of 2023 about Perry wanting to do an angle with real glass to set up a future match and to explain why he wouldn't be on TV for a week for a pre-planned and approved vacation to Hawaii. AEW had approved using real glass for the spot and a car was already at the arena for the angle but Punk intervened and said the angle did not require real glass. 

According to reports, the matter was believed to have been settled but people close to Punk leaked details of the incident to the media. Perry was unhappy with how the incident was presented in initial reports as he felt it made him look like he was using real glass so he could be off TV for a week. Perry also believed Punk was trying to embarrass him by making the argument public knowledge. 

Following the "cry me a river" line, there was a backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry at All In, during which CM Punk did more than lunge at Tony Khan. The AEW President has claimed since that he feared for his life backstage at All In.

Both men were suspended and CM Punk was later fired following All In by All Elite Wrestling. He has since returned to WWE. Jack Perry, meanwhile, is currently performing for New Japan Pro-Wrestling as a member of House of Torture. Reports back in October 2023, contrary to Meltzer's report today, stated Perry was no longer suspended by AEW

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