EC3 Claims His Match With Tyrus Will Be The Greatest In NWA History

Forget your Flairs and Steamboats!

AEW All In isn't the only big professional wrestling show taking place this weekend. 

NWA 75 will also go down on August 26 and 27, with night two of the pay-per-view being headlined by EC3 challenging Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a Bullrope match.

If Tyrus loses, he must retire from in-ring competition.

According to EC3, the match will be the greatest in the NWA's long and illustrious history. 

Speaking with Interstate 70 Sports, the 40-year-old said: 

"I don't think it's going to be one of the greatest matches in NWA history. I know it's going to be the greatest match in NWA history. Why do I know that? I've foreseen it, I've manifested it. Great is in people's opinion. In my estimation, the greatest moment and match in NWA history will be myself defeating the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion to become the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. It's pretty simple. I know people want to argue for guys like Flair [Ric Flair] or Steamboat [Ricky Steamboat] or whatever. In my estimation, the greatest match in NWA history will be me defeating Tyrus at NWA 75. Simple". 

While EC3 has been hyping the match with hopeful boasts, Tyrus decided to promote the show by threatening to assault his own children over preferred pronouns. 

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