ECW Legend Sabu Needs Knee And Shoulder Replacements

ECW's Sabu has a few surgeries in his future

Legendary former professional wrestler Sabu is continuing to feel the effects of a long and punishing in-ring career. 

Considering his style and the frequency with which he put his own body on the line, it's perhaps little surprise that the 59-year-old is feeling banged up. During a recent appearance on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, the former ECW Champion noted that he requires multiple procedures, including knee and shoulder replacements: 

"I'll tell you, I've felt better. I don't feel really bad, but I feel pretty bad. My knee, my back and my shoulders, they all need surgery. I've been going to the gym lately, but I have to suck it up and go. It's never, 'Alright, today I feel good'. It's like, 'f**k', and it's tough...I need my knee and my shoulder replaced, but I haven't gotten around to it," Sabu said.

Continuing, Sabu noted that his neck feels fine but that he has other issues to deal with, saying "My neck is alright. My back, I got spinal stenosis, and then my shoulder needs a complete replacement. My knee, also".

Sabu has had a hip replacement in the not-too-distant past. Last year, he recovered after having what was described as a 'serious medical emergency'. Sabu - who last wrestled in July 2021 - has previously mentioned that he would like to wrestle AEW star HOOK in his final match. 

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