Eddie Kingston: CM Punk AEW Match Is The Most Personal Of My Career

The two are set for a hellacious fight at Full Gear

Despite only having the best part of a week’s build up on television, Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk has become one of the most highly anticipated matches for AEW: Full Gear on November 13.

The two went in on one another during an intense promo battle on the November 5 edition of AEW: Rampage, with Kingston referencing his history with Punk way back when he got his break in Ring of Honor. And now, Kingston has revealed that his upcoming ‘fight’ with Punk at Full gear is the most personal of his career, telling DAZN:

“It’s 15 years in the making, I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest match of my career but it’s definitely the most personal match. Professionally, it was me and [Jon] Moxley last year because I truly believe in my heart that the AEW World title is the biggest prize in all of America. That was the biggest match for me, but this weekend, personally, it’s me and Punk.” 

Kingston still has a lust for championship gold though:

“Fighting CM Punk was never the goal for me. He wasn’t there when I first got to AEW. The goal for me has always to be a champion. Whether it’s me and Mox as a tag team, the TNT Championship, or the big one, the grandaddy of them all. The goal has always been to be the top man. If beating Punk gets me that one step closer to it then that’ll be the icing on the cake.” 

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Written by Jack Atkins

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