Eddie Kingston: Nick Gage Would Thrive In AEW

MDK + AEW would be a wild ride

2021 has seen Nick Gage take the crown and run with it as the King of the independent scene. The deathmatch icon has had a career renaissance recently, and seemingly everyone would love the opportunity to work with him.

With gage engaged in a feud with AEW main eventer Jon Moxley, it has caused fans and peers alike to ask the question ‘could gage turn up in AEW?’ And whilst it seems Mr. MDK All Day would be a bit too extreme for mainstream TV, AEW star Eddie Kingston reckons Gage would thrive in AEW.

Speaking at a virtual meet and greet forPro Wrestling Junkies, Kingston said:

“Yeah he would [do well in AEW]. That’s my man, Nicky’s my boy. I wrestled Nicky at least ten times. I wouldn’t even say ‘wrestled’. I fought for my life against Nicky about ten times. When you get in the ring with Nicky, you fight. My man is real, you fight him but, at the end of all those matches I’ve ever had with him, we all sat down and had a beer together and a laugh, you know? And I think he would be great at AEW. Do I think it could happen? Eh, but I think he could go anywhere. I think Nicky could go anywhere because he’s genuine and if you’re genuine, people will relate to you man.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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