Eddie Kingston Takes Shots At The AEW Roster

Eddie Kingston has taken aim at the AEW roster

Eddie Kingston’s got enemies, got a lot of enemies, got a lot of people trying to drain him of his energy, and Kingston has taken to Twitter to put them on notice. 

The outspoken AEW favourite took to social media on February 8 to post a series of tweets, admitting he likes to ‘talk s***’ in order to get into fights:

"Please understand if anyone likes someone I don't like that is fine. I have my reasons and there is a lot of backstage stuff on why I don't like certain people. Again I'm not judging them, I just don't want to be around then. But also I like to talk s*** so maybe I can fight them in or out of the ring. Yes I am a emotional king (mad) so I am still learning how to deal with s***. But again when Tony is done protecting certain "pillars" let's see if they are as great as he thinks. Again folks there is a lot of inside baseball you don't need to know so just watch the shows and understand I truly and honestly will do whatever the f*** I want and force certain cowards in wrestling to make a move or get the f*** out the way. Again when they are done being protected. I stretch one "pillar" granted I lost (Surprising I know) but at this point in my career I just want to fight. F*** a belt f*** a win I just want to see fear in the eyes of the boss favourites. And then smile back at the hotel room knowingly win or lose in the ring I mentally win," Kingston said.

As ever with Kingston, it’s hard to see where kayfabe ends and reality kicks in, and ‘The Mad King’ returned to Twitter after Wednesday’s Dynamite to criticise the amount of times ‘Pillar’ MJF appeared on the show, before further blasting current on-screen enemies The House of Black, Ortiz, and once again taking a shot at AEW’s ‘Pillars’:

“Side note since we need to see his world champ 3 times within a hour and a half when it is a two hour show. F*** ortiz f*** house of black and f*** the roster. Born alone die alone I tried. I don't need anyone including mox and penta. F*** everyone. Especially the “pillars”,” tweeted Kingston.

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