Edge Reveals He Has 'Pretty Extra Stupid Ideas' For WWE WrestleMania 39

Edge could be set to do something insane at WrestleMania 39

From spearing Jeff Hardy off a 20ft ladder while he dangled in the air to spearing Mick Foley through a flaming table, Edge has been a part of some of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history. 

The WWE Hall of Famer will be in action at the Showcase of the Immortals once again this year when he faces Finn Balor's Demon alter ego inside Hell in a Cell and Edge revealed he has "some pretty extra stupid ideas" in mind for the clash. Edge is just waiting to see if WWE will allow him to do the spots. 

Edge told Sportsnet 590 The Fan

"Well, again, I have a history of doing stupid things, right? You do because it's a Hell in a Cell Match and because people expect a certain level of, I don't know, brutality within the performance. You gotta up the stakes. So I do. I think outside of the box and I think about what's physically possible and a lot of crazy ideas jump into my head and they always have. But I always try and make sure that I save them for WrestleMania or I'll save them where it'll actually mean something and be remembered," Edge began.

"I'm not diving face-first through a flaming table with thumbtacks in my back unless it's WrestleMania, because I know that will be one that people are gonna remember. If you just do it on Raw one week, well, then it's gone and it's not gonna be remembered because there's 52 other Raws or 51 other Raws during the year," he continued.

"WrestleMania happens once a year. If you're a casual fan, you may be watching. If you're a wrestling fan, you're definitely watching and that's the one that I know has the worldwide eyeballs on it so that's where you gotta go for it and man, you put me in a Hell in a Cell, I gotta go for it even if I'm 49-years-old. That's just part of the way I'm wired so, I have some pretty extra stupid ideas. We'll see if they let me try them, they probably won't. But we'll see."

Edge looks set to revive his Brood gimmick for the match and Gangrel is reportedly being brought in for WrestleMania 39, likely as part of the Hell in a Cell Match.

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