Eric Bischoff Calls Darby Allin's AEW Revolution Spot "Flat-Out Stupid"

Eric Bischoff was not a fan of the Darby Allin Revolution glass spot

Darby Allin’s antics in AEW have often brought criticism, and his latest dangerous spot at AEW Revolution 2024 has been divisive once again, as he jumped from a ladder and crashed through a pane of glass that was laid across steel chairs. Allin needed 12 stitches following this spot.

Eric Bischoff, who hasn’t been shy about his AEW criticism over the last few years, is someone who was totally against Darby Allin’s spot at Revolution, explaining so on his Strictly Business podcast

"I don't like cardboard gimmick matches; this was no exception. I felt the Darby thing was flat-out stupid. I think it's scratching whatever weird f**king itch Darby Allin has. The risk involved, just the idea of it, it didn't do anything at all for the match, it didn't do anything at all for Sting."

Bischoff did note though that overall he enjoyed the match and the treatment of Sting by AEW, who allowed him to retire with a massive victory. 

"The crowd left happy and that was the most important part. At the end of it all, it doesn't matter what my opinion is, it really only matters what the fans think and I think the fans left happy. It was a home run."

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