Eric Bischoff Dares Tony Khan To Book CM Punk Vs. Goldberg

Eric Bischoff has dared Tony Khan to book CM Punk vs. Goldberg at All In

It became known earlier this year that Goldberg was officially a free agent after his WWE contract expired, leading to speculation about whether or not he would ever wrestle again. Goldberg rose to prominence outside WWE, gaining fame in WCW. This had led to some talk of him potentially going over to AEW, a promotion which is sometimes considered as WCW’s natural successor. 

Eric Bischoff is someone who thinks Tony Khan should go out and bring Goldberg in, specifically for the All In event which is coming up in August, emanating from Wembley Stadium in London, England. On the Strictly Business show, Bischoff firstly talked about the prospect of bringing Punk back into the AEW fold; 

"I think Wembley's gonna do great, with or without Punk. I would prefer, if I was Tony Khan, to do it without Punk. Because that makes a real statement, right? Who drew the house? Did AEW draw the house, or did CM Punk draw the house? ... I would absolutely not book CM Punk on that show, even though I would know that doing so would ensure more sales. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't sell my soul to that piece of garbage."

Bischoff went on to challenge and dare Tony Khan to book a ridiculous match;

"Book CM Punk and Bill Goldberg. You want to book something that's gonna sell out Wembley? Book that. Bill Goldberg's last match, against CM Punk. Dare you. Dare you. Grab your balls, TK."

All In has reportedly gained upwards of 50,000 sign ups for its pre-sale, indicating that the event could well be a big success.

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