Eric Bischoff Questions IMPACT's Decision To Go Back To TNA Branding

Bischoff doesn't believe there's much value in the TNA brand.

Eric Bischoff doesn't believe IMPACT's decision to revert to the TNA branding will do much to change the promotion's fortunes.

Addressing the rebrand during a recent edition of his Strictly Business podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer said: 

"I understand. I can understand why they did it, I certainly haven't talked to you about it. You know, there is an argument to be made — I'm not sure I buy into it 100% in this particular case, but there is an argument to be made that tapping into nostalgia is a good thing. But let's be honest here. Not wanting to offend anybody or hurt anybody's feelings, but TNA was always a pimple on a pig's ass. It had a very small — loyal, but small, relatively speaking — market share in terms of television. It was never a big property. It was an emerging property, and it was exciting for a while because it was new and there was a new car smell, and all the same things that we see with Dynamite or AEW I should say. But I just don't think that brand had enough value ever so that bringing it back is going to have any kind of, no pun intended, impact," said Bischoff.

Bischoff also outlined his belief that there needs to be significant changes in the presentation of the product to coincide with the rebranding. Continuing, the 68-year-old touched on IMPACT's ratings, saying: 

"How many people are watching it? 300, 200,000 people on an episode consistently? That's — you know, I could do a YouTube show of me cooking a f***ing steak and do that many views. It's just not — nobody's watching it. It'd be a fantastic property. That's what I mean about presentation. You know, presentation also includes where do you see it? Otherwise, it's a tree that falls in the forest and nobody hears it or sees it. And that's what IMPACT is. Regardless of the talent, the roster, how good the show is put together creatively, it's got to look and feel significant in order to expect to see any kind of uptick in audience reaction."

Bischoff worked for TNA in both an on-screen and backstage capacity between 2009 and 2013.

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