Eric Bischoff Reveals He Almost Died Twice During Recent Health Scare

Eric Bischoff has revealed he almost died

Eric Bischoff has revealed on his 83 Weeks podcast that he almost died twice during a recent health scare that caused him to have internal bleeding. 

Bischoff noted on the podcast that he is hypo-glycemic and he read somewhere that it would be beneficial for him to start using psyllium husks, a daily fibre supplement that turns into a gel as it passes through the body to help with bowel movements. The recommended dose for the psyllium husks was 1-3 tablespoons but Bischoff decided he should take 4-5 tablespoons, above the dosage for an average person. Bischoff failed to read the rest of the instructions, though, which said to work your way up to the maximum dose. 

After reading the instructions, Bischoff put some big scoops of psyllium husks into a smoothie at 3 pm but later that evening, he started passing lots of blood. He didn't have any other issues so didn't mention it to his wife and although he continued to pass blood, he went to bed thinking everything would be fine in the morning. When he woke up in the middle of the night, though, he realised his blood pressure was low and was feeling dizzy. The former WCW Senior Vice President then blacked out on his way upstairs, woke up upon hitting the floor, and started bleeding again when he got to the bathroom. 

At this point, Bischoff's wife found him covered in blood and Bischoff tried to get in the shower but he blacked out again, banging his head - causing it to start bleeding - and cutting the bridge of the nose. He was then taken to the hospital and at 4:30 am, when he had stopped passing blood, he was sent home. 

A couple of days later, Bischoff started to feel unwell again and he blacked out, hitting his head off his desk and falling to the floor. He called his wife to go back to the hospital but doctors couldn't work out what was wrong with him while he was in the emergency room, although he continued to lose a lot of blood. The bleeding in his intestines was so bad that doctors couldn't discover its origin. 

Bischoff later agreed to have surgery to remove some of his intestines and to have a colostomy bag fitted. Only 10 minutes after they put him under, the hospital ran out of blood in his blood type and Bischoff had to be transferred to Billings, Montana for surgery there. 

Bischoff spent two days in the hospital in Billings and after further tests, it was determined the internal bleeding had stopped and doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him. Bischoff believes the internal bleeding was caused by the psyllium husks, which effectively tore through his intestines. The organ ended up healing very quickly, however.

The former WWE Raw General Manager revealed he is doing okay now but the doctors told him he almost died twice because of the internal bleeding.

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