Eric Bischoff Reveals Which WWE SmackDown Stars He Was Really Looking Forward To Working With

They would have been back and better than ever...

Eric Bischoff's most recent stint in WWE came to an acrimonious end in October 2019. He was brought in by Vince McMahon to be the new Executive Director Of SmackDown and to primarily be an intermediary between FOX and WWE. However, Bischoff himself admitted he did not fit in well with WWE's corporate structure and he was fired after four months. 

While the former president of WCW did not have any input on SmackDown creative, he did reveal which Superstars he was looking forward to working with on a recent episode of After 83 Weeks. Sheamus was the first name that Bischoff mentioned as he thinks The Celtic Warrior has a lot of untapped potential and he wanted to mould him into "a fresh character." Another wrestler the former general manager of Raw was excited to work with was Randy Orton, as he believes he is the "Rolex of wrestling watches" and loves watching him compete.

Bischoff said:"This is more because of what I saw in their characters and what the potential might be versus what they've accomplished thus far. But I thought Sheamus was somebody that I was really excited to work with because I think there's far more potential there than we've seen and there's a fresh character there that at least I saw in my head. It may not have worked but I saw it in my head and was anxious to try and make it work. 

"Randy Orton to me is the Rolex of wrestling watches. He is fluid, he is bullet proof in terms of his delivery and his character. He can create more emotion with a twitch of his eye than most of the talent that I've seen in the last couple of years can do in a 60-minute Broadway. He's that f*****g good and I always love watching Randy Orton."


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